Open City 2.0 – May 11, 2013

Back by popular demand, Open City will be happening on May 11 all across this great peninsula that we call Halifax.

Open City 2013

Open City 2013

Last year we said “We have a great city, but how often do we explore it? When friends & family come to visit, are you at a loss to tell them the must see stops? How long has it been since you’ve visited the Citadel?”

Well, we know that last May you explored Halifax in a way you hadn’t before.  You came with a sense of exploration and of discovery.  You came with an open mind – and an empty belly.

To be quite honest, we were blown away by the sense of community that we experienced on that beautiful weekend in May.

This year, we want it to be just as awesome – dare we say it, even more awesome!

& that’s where you come in.

If you’re a business owner, we need you to think about what it is you can do to animate your business, your sidewalk, your block.  Then we need you to tell us about it so that we can promote it.

If you’re a museum, charity or other organization, same thing.  How will you take to the streets to spread your message, who will you partner with in your community to make something happen, how will you show Halifax how important you are to all of us.

If you’re just an awesome Haligonian – well it’s easier for you.  All you have to do is book the day off – Saturday, May 11 – we suggest fasting the day before.   In the meantime you can help us spread the word – tell your friends about Open City, talk about it on twitter and tag it with #OpenCity, like our I Love Local HFX page on FB and tell us you’re coming to the event and finally, talk to your favourite local business and encourage them to get involved.

Now, in case you have no idea what we’re talking about – here’s a little primer on what Open City is and some of the things that happened last year.

We want you to get out of your comfort zone, to try something new and to learn more about this great city of ours & then we want you to share what you find. Tweet it, post it to facebook, tell your friends and family who are living abroad to come visit.

If you’re a musician, or know one, introduce yourself to a shopkeeper and arrange to play in their shop or play on your front step, in a park, on the Boardwalk.

If you’re a crafter of products, arrange to open your studio to the public, or do a demonstration in a store that sells your wares.

If you run a museum or gallery, do something special, or interactive for the weekend, consider offering free admission for the weekend.

If you’re a shop owner, do a little something extra – serve cupcakes, grab a keg of local beer, or just offer a special for the weekend.

If you’re a chef, take part in our Back Door Take Out – high end food, to eat on the go, & sold out the back (or front) of your otherwise formal dining room.

Watch this space, we’ll be posting things as they come in – if you have an event or special offer that you want to see posted here, please click on the contact us button. Any independent business or restaurant, gallery, museum, or attraction on the peninsula is encouraged to take part.

Last year we had over 90 different businesses and organizations take part  – new businesses were started, new friendships made and a new sense of what is possible in Halifax was born.

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