The Holiday Season is one of shopping, eating, but more importantly getting together with friends and family to celebrate the season.  It is also one of those times of year when you become re-connected with many people in your community and when you think about ways you can improve your community.

One of the ways that we think we can make Halifax, and Nova Scotia, stronger is by shifting 10% of your consumption to locally produced products, or to locally owned companies.  The evidence strongly shows that when money you spend locally, the money re-circulates in your community and everyone benefits.

This Christmas, please think before you shop.  When you find something local that you love, take a picture, share it on twitter or instagram and tag it with #Shift10 – we’ll pass your finds along and you could win one of 20+ daily prizes.

Also, when you visit one of the participating local businesses, you’ll get a ballot to enter to win a great I Love Local HFX shopping spree valued at over $1,500.  It’s just our little way of saying thank you – thank you for shopping locally, and thank you for playing a role in strengthening our community.

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